The Top Reasons Your Protocols Are Not Being Followed

You know your practice needs protocols and spent time developing them, but now these valuable protocols are not being followed.  WHY?  These are the biggest reasons: 1. Your protocols are not hanging on the wall. You developed the protocols together as a clinic, but guess what? No one is going to remember them.  Laminate your […]

Why Your Practice Needs Protocols

Every business in the world operates through various systems of protocols. You order your dinner, the cashier rings it up, and the cook prepares it. You are greeted as you walk into a store, an associate helps you find the perfect shirt, and you head to the checkout counter. You buy your movie ticket, you […]

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ALWAYS Tell Your Staff… Yes!

I had a problem.  I hated telling my staff  “yes.” I am a Type A personality. Above all else, I believe that I can do everything by myself, and depending on others to fix problems within a practice is a waste of time. I lived by two rules: I am right, and If you do […]