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How To Respond To Medicare DME A6010 Audit Request

So, you have received a Medicare DME A6010 Audit. First, don’t worry. If they are requesting one chart at a time, this is not a full-blown audit. These are post-payment audits. Medicare goes through phases where they audit specific items for a period. It does NOT mean that you did anything wrong. Respond. Do not […]

Insurance Coverage Form

Surgical Dressings For Non-Medicare Patients

Can we dispense surgical dressings to patients who have medical insurance that is not Medicare Part B? Yes! Many non-Medicare third-party payers provide coverage for surgical dressings. Some non-Medicare third-party payers that provide coverage for surgical dressings for their beneficiaries have their own surgical dressing policy. Similar to the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractor […]

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Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Practice to Diabetic Patients

When doctors ask how they can expand their practice without adding additional nail care patients, most of them cringe when I say to focus their marketing efforts on diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are the fastest-growing patient population for podiatrists. They are the patients that need you the most and can financially benefit your practice when […]

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Copay Collection Requirement

Providers often ask whether they are permitted to “waive” payments that are patient responsibility. Legal interpretation of Medicare guidelines usually results in the guidance that providers have to make a “reasonable attempt” or “bona fide attempt” to collect any payments that are the responsibility of the patient. This answer can differ based on the third-party […]


Should You “Sell” Over the Counter Items In Your Practice?

First off, you should never sell anything in your practice, you are not a salesperson, you are a physician. Everything you bring into your office to dispense should be something that you prescribe, even if it’s over-the-counter items. These should be high-quality items that you would use yourself or give to your grandmother to use. […]

Documenting Exudate

When dispensing surgical dressings and submitting a claim for payment, it is important to adhere to compliance guidelines. When dispensing surgical dressings to Medicare beneficiaries, these guidelines are clearly listed in the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractor (DMEMAC), Surgical Dressings Local Coverage Determination (L33831), and Local Coverage Article (A54563). The above-referenced policies inform providers […]

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What Is Needed In A Wound Care Protocol?

Protocols in your office are essential for the health of your practice. What is needed in an effective written protocol? Who does what and when?This may seem like common sense, but you need to have your protocols written down. This makes it clear to everyone what their job responsibilities are. The receptionist, biller, medical assistants, […]

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Adequate Wound Documentation

Documenting an adequate description of an ulcer being treated is essential when dispensing surgical dressings. Providers know the elements that are necessary to thoroughly document a wound. These elements are taught in school. However, this list of elements may not satisfy the requirements of a third-party payer. From a payment perspective, the required elements of […]

Notebook for Scheduling

How To Effectively Schedule Wound Care Patients

Scheduling wound care patients can be complicated, and it is hard to know how to properly and efficiently schedule them. Why is scheduling wound patients correctly so important?  It affects your patients, your staff, and your bottom line. Your staff hates it when you run late.  It makes their job very stressful for them. Patients […]

AMERX Group Dressings

Documenting Primary Versus Secondary Surgical Dressings

According to the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DMEMACs), the definitions of primary and secondary surgical dressings are: Primary Dressing – Therapeutic or protective covering applied directly to wounds or lesions either on the skin or caused by an opening to the skin. Secondary Dressing – Materials that serve a therapeutic or protective function […]