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Authors:  AMERX Health CareHolly Burkman  |  Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman

  • By Published On: September 8, 20212.2 min read

    Umbrella The presence and documentation of medical necessity is an umbrella requirement that applies to all medical services and supplies when submitting for payment Read More →

  • By Published On: August 20, 20212.7 min read

    Physicians ask me all the time how to start or continue dispensing wound care supplies. They want to start comprehensive care and provide a Read More →

  • By Published On: August 12, 20211.3 min read

    What Is Happening There have been multiple recent incidences of surgical dressing payment denial based on an auditor's finding that four weeks of conservative Read More →

  • By Published On: August 2, 20211.7 min read

    So, you have received a Medicare DME A6010 Audit. First, don't worry. If they are requesting one chart at a time, this is not Read More →

  • By Published On: July 9, 20211.6 min read

    Can we dispense surgical dressings to patients who have medical insurance that is not Medicare Part B? Yes! Many non-Medicare third-party payers provide coverage Read More →

  • By Published On: June 18, 20211.6 min read

    When doctors ask how they can expand their practice without adding additional nail care patients, most of them cringe when I say to focus Read More →

  • By Published On: June 7, 20211.9 min read

    First off, you should never sell anything in your practice, you are not a salesperson, you are a physician. Everything you bring into your Read More →

  • By Published On: June 7, 20211.8 min read

    Providers often ask whether they are permitted to "waive" payments that are patient responsibility. Legal interpretation of Medicare guidelines usually results in the guidance Read More →

  • By Published On: May 7, 20212.2 min read

    When dispensing surgical dressings and submitting a claim for payment, it is important to adhere to compliance guidelines. When dispensing surgical dressings to Medicare Read More →

  • By Published On: April 26, 20212 min read

    Protocols in your office are essential for the health of your practice. What is needed in an effective written protocol? Who does what and Read More →