Holly Burkman, MBA

Holly BurkmanHolly is a recognized international speaker and author. Working with her husband to build a medical practice from the ground up, she has handled all aspects of the podiatry field from medical assisting to billing and practice management. Currently, she spends her time as a practice management consultant helping physicians learn how to run successful medical practices by implementing protocols. Holly holds numerous degrees and certificates that give her the credibility to help practices; however, it is the years of personal in-office experience that allow her to offer customized solutions that make practices profitable again.

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    Protocols in your office are essential for the health of your practice. What is needed in an effective written protocol? Who does what and Read More →

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    Scheduling wound care patients can be complicated, and it is hard to know how to properly and efficiently schedule them. Why is scheduling wound Read More →

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    Whether you call them meetings, gatherings, huddles, or morning reports, they are essential to the daily performance of your office. What is a Read More →

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    As a consultant, I often hear excuses as to why doctors are not dispensing wound care supplies in their offices. 1. I Forgot Read More →

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    COVID-19 has brought different challenges and opportunities to clinical practices.  As the COVID-19 numbers start to surge, shutdowns are becoming a reality again.  Is Read More →

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    One of the most common errors I see when auditing wound care and DME billing is found in box 17 on the CMS 1500 Read More →

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    The Dilemma Many physicians took out loans using the CMS Advance Payment Program during Covid-19.  In the coming months, this money will begin to Read More →

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    Many practitioners are struggling to fill their schedules. Due to COVID-19 and other factors, their schedules are lighter than they used to be. Many Read More →

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    Lat month, I had the opportunity to work with more than 100 doctors while conducting a 14-day practice reinvention challenge. Every day, the participants were Read More →