HELIX3 Bioactive Collagen

Case Studies

  • By Published On: May 7, 20212.2 min read

    When dispensing surgical dressings and submitting a claim for payment, it is important to adhere to compliance guidelines. When dispensing surgical dressings to Medicare Read More →

  • By Published On: March 12, 20212.1 min read

    Primary Versus Secondary Surgical Dressings According to the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DMEMACs), the definitions of primary and secondary surgical dressings are: Read More →

  • By Published On: February 3, 20211.3 min read

    As a consultant, I often hear excuses as to why doctors are not dispensing wound care supplies in their offices. 1. I Forgot Read More →

  • By Published On: April 6, 20150.9 min read

    DFU, PLANTAR SURFACE DATE: February 19, 2015 PATIENT: 46-year-old African American male MEDICAL HISTORY: A teacher who previously had foot surgery including a ray Read More →