AMERIGEL Hydrogel Wound Dressing

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This #1 physician rated hydrogel provides a moist wound environment with extended moisture control to promote wound healing and reduce potential scarring.  AMERIGEL® Hydrogel Wound Dressing sustains moisture longer than standard hydrogels, is non-cytotoxic to healthy tissue, and contains the oak extract, Oakin®.

Indicated For:
A wound dressing to manage pressure ulcers stage I-IV, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic skin ulcers, skin irritation, cuts, abrasions, and skin irritations associated with peristomal care.

HCPCS Code: A6248

(26 customer reviews)

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About AMERIGEL Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Provide Moist Healing for Dry Wounds

  • #1 Physician-Rated Topical Dressing Following Matrixectomies Since 2003.
  • #1 Physician-Rated Wound/Ulcer Topical Since 2006.
  • Hydrogel formula provides a moist wound healing environment.
  • Liquefies at body temperature for increased migration across all wound surfaces.
  • Sustains moisture longer than standard glycerin or saline based hydrogels.
  • Requires secondary dressing.

* Podiatry Management Annual Surveys


  • Meadowsweet Extract
  • Oakin® (Oak Extract)
  • Polyethylene Glycol 400
  • Polyethylene Glycol 3350
  • Water
  • Zinc Acetate

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26 reviews for AMERIGEL Hydrogel Wound Dressing

  1. Jalal K. Sadani DPM

    From a skeptic to a believer! I honestly was surprised at the extent of healing that occurred in some seriously terrible looking wounds.

  2. Larry A. Nobles LPN, Wound Care Specialist

    As a wound care specialist, I have tried a wide variety of wound care products. Some work, some do not, and all are quite expensive. AMERIGEL is different – it works beyond expectations and certainly beyond your own advertisements. I have seen some wonderful results in wounds that were non-healing with other “tried and true” products. AMERIGEL heals the un-healable! And it’s cost effective, too. You have a very effective, fine product and I highly recommend it to others.

  3. David P. Bartos DPM

    Fabulous product – Truly a miracle! I have treated some of my most difficult cases very successfully with your fine product.

  4. Scott M. Soulier DPM, MSPH

    I used AMERIGEL Wound Dressing as a first-choice wound care topical in diabetic ulcers in addition to nail matrixectomy post-op care. My patients loved the convenience of once a day dressing changes.

  5. Fernando Pinero Cadiz, DPM

    What a remarkable product! Over the years in my office I had prescribed different types of topical agents for the care of wounds, ulcers, postmatrixectomies . . . you name it. Now, I only recommend AMERIGEL, and my patients are happy with the results. Best of all, no more prescriptions, less paper!

  6. Philip Adler DPM

    In our practice, we have been using AMERIGEL Wound Dressing for post-operative treatment following phenol procedures for ingrown toenails and curettage of verruca. The patients appreciate the efficacy and low cost of the product.

  7. Lawrence G. Lazar DPM

    Great products for my practice. AMERIGEL Wound Dressing has eliminated the need to soak post-chemical matrixectomies.

  8. Steven Hobkirk, DPM

    I’ve been using AMERIGEL and it has been a tremendous success! The patients replied that is was very soothing and worked well. I have changed from once/day to twice/day application for the first week and down to once a day afterwards.

  9. Robert C. Tyrrell, DPM

    I am very pleased with AMERIGEL Wound Dressing for P&A’s and am recommending it to all my colleagues. I have not used it on ulcers or other wounds, but plan to.

  10. Jonathan Shroyer, RN, BSN

    As a large podiatric practice, we evaluate and manage many patients with ingrown toenails, non-healing wounds, and ulcerations. The wound care products utilized for at home care is pivotal to the healing of the patient. AMERIGEL constantly yields healing of infected wounds and ulcerations above and beyond any other product we have utilized in the past. AMERIGEL is our standard of care of the healing of wounds and ulcerations.

  11. Rudy Bokor DPM

    Excellent product. Have saved several diabetics from digital amputations. Highly recommend AMERIGEL.

  12. Paul Reynolds DPM, MS

    AMERIGEL is an essential multi-use preparation that is a must for any podiatry office. AMERIGEL, which is already well established as one of the most effective treatments for phenol nail avulsions, also plays an essential role in stimulating granulation tissue in chronic wounds. It is also indispensable for the treatment of acute surgical wounds. That is why I highly recommend its use.

  13. Paul Shimkonis PTA, C.S.C.I., C.P.I.

    I have been a therapist with HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital for almost 19 yearsand have used AMERIGEL Wound Dressing and AMERIGEL Care Lotion since 1996 with remarkable results.

    I initially was using AMERIGEL Wound Dressing for strictly decubitis ulcers and deep wounds. I was able to see large open wounds heal … When I started using AMERIGEL Wound Dressing on post-surgical incisions, specifically hip and knee replacements, I found the wound healed with less adhesion… I recommend your products to all my patients and have utilized them on myself several times with great results for post-surgical incisions, as well as abrasions. As you can tell by now, I am an AMERIGEL “believer” and use it exclusively on all my wound care needs.

    Why physicians would not utilize AMERIGEL on all of their surgical candidates is beyond me. The results would only benefit their patients. Thank you for making such great products that truly get results.

  14. Robert E. Fridrich DPM

    Your AMERIGEL Wound Dressing is terrific after toenail surgery and other wounds. I have been in practice for 30 years and this product works the best!! Thank you.

  15. Mary Ellen McCoy, DPM

    For my office, the following products work quite well: AMERIGEL Wound Dressing, Saturated Gauze Pads, Post Op Kits and the Care Lotion.

  16. James T. Palermo DPM

    We are extremely pleased with results after using AMERIGEL on our POV, Ingrown toenail procedures… Very pleased!

  17. D. Rogers CPMA

    I believe AMERIGEL Wound Dressing is a great product due to the great results we see here in the office. Plus, the patients LOVE the convenience of not having to put a lot of time into wound care.

  18. Glenn McPhillips DPM

    A patient had an ulcer on the ankle for months. – She was seen by a Dermatologist and General Surgeon who sent her for whirlpool without improvement. I put her on AMERIGEL Wound Dressing and closed her ulcer in one month.

  19. Daniel Klein, DPM, CWS

    I have used AMERIGEL products for over 2 years in my busy practice. I have found AMERIGEL Wound Dressing to be a superb product … and patient satisfaction is very rewarding.

  20. Eric R. Hubbard DPM

    I just wanted to let you know how well AMERIGEL Wound Dressing has worked out for our patients. When indicated, AMERIGEL has been both beneficial and cost effective. It is easy to use and patient compliance is excellent. At first, we were only using it on specific wounds, but have found that it is useful on ALL types of wounds.

  21. Robert D. Siwicki, DPM

    AMERIGEL has made post-op nail surgery better for patients and physicians with no need to soak. Also, it works similar for wound care, keeping the tissue moist to promote healing.

  22. Harvey Wine DPM

    After thirty years in private practice, I could not believe the incredible results using AMERIGEL (Wound Dressing) compared to soaking after nail matrixectomy. In fact, when I gave the patients a choice between soaking and AMERIGEL, 99% requested AMERIGEL. This was a win-win situation for everybody.

  23. Anthony S. Sikoutris DPM, FACFAS

    There are so many wound healing products available. … I’ve tried numerous products, so I was hesitant to try AMERIGEL Wound Dressing, feeling it was just another “product.” Boy, was I wrong. I have noticed … less drainage and a satisfied patient. No more soaks and Cortisporin Otic.

  24. Olga Luepschen DPM

    Recently I relocated to another part of the state. I investigated new products to enable myself to standout from my peers. AMERIGEL Wound Dressing is a terrific product for my post-op phenol matrixectomies. My patients appreciate the convenient qd dressing changes as well as the easy accessibility when purchasing it in the office. The AMERIGEL Care Lotion for diabetics is another success. My patients are complimenting the office left and right!

  25. Harold Malofsky DPM, FACFS

    AMERIGEL Wound Dressing has been a “blessing” to my patients in many ways. First, it is OTC and relatively inexpensive making longerterm therapy cost-effective for my patients. Second, the diabetic neuropathic ulcerations I have treated have granulated and reepithelialized with AMERIGEL and AMERIGEL rivals Regranex’s results at 1/20th the cost! Thank you for helping me more effectively treat my patients!

  26. Franklin Levinson DPM

    I have used many other products, such as creams, casts, gels and dressings, but none have helped my patients with chronic or problem wounds like AMERIGEL has. I am going to continue using these products on other patients.

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