Preparing for Another Shutdown?

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COVID-19 has brought different challenges and opportunities to clinical practices.  As the COVID-19 numbers start to surge, shutdowns are becoming a reality again.  Is your practice ready?  While none of us want another shut down, now is the best time to prepare with these 3 simple steps:

1. Virtual Visits

Do your patients know that you do virtual visits? Educate them now by posting on social media, through email newsletters, and lobby waiting room signs. When you see patients, remind them that their care is important. If another shutdown is to occur, or if they do not feel that it is safe to come into the clinic, let them know that they still can see you virtually.

2. Prepare Your Staff

Train your staff on how to schedule virtual appointments.  Role play is a good technique to answer potential questions posed by patients about both virtual and in clinic appointments. It can even help your staff to determine which patients can be seen virtually and which patients must be seen in office. Also train them on how to reassure the patient why continue care is essential during a shutdown.

3. Set up Your Patient Direct Account for Shipments

It is critical that patients continue to receive their wound care supplies, orthotics, braces, and other DME items. Drop shipments are also essential for the revenue of your practice. Your practice and patients cannot survive with virtual visits alone. If your office has not set up Patient Direct through AMERX Healthcare, reach out today to get that started.

In Conclusion

Your practice has the opportunity to prepare for a shutdown and to not be blindsided. With these 3 simple steps, prepare your clinic, patients, and staff today.

Need More Info? Watch Holly's Webinar on Thriving in the Time of COVID

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar contains information relating to the CMS Accelerated Payment Program (28:29 - 32:25), which was in effect at the time of the webinar recording.  CMS announced suspension of the Accelerated Payment Program on April 26, 2020.

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