ADVANTAGEN Surgical Collagen

Give Your Surgical Sites the ADVANTAGE!

Engineered to immediately deliver the proven benefits of collagen following surgical procedures, ADVANTAGEN™ offers the purest form of non-hydrolyzed collagen on the market today for a fraction of the cost of bioengineered tissue. This exclusive process produces 100% Type 1 bovine collagen in particle form for rapid delivery of intact collagen proteins to the surgical site.

ADVANTAGEN’s unique formulation lends itself to the surgical theater by decreasing the particle size for increased surface area contact with the surgical site and increased hydrophilic properties—absorbing up to 40 times its weight in fluid without the use of any additives, synthetics, or fillers that can lead to complications in wound healing.

Packaged in a distinctive one-gram dispensing container, ADVANTAGEN allows the surgeon to distribute the collagen with high accuracy to the desired area. The surgeon can be confident in precisely applying the fluid-absorbing collagen to the incision site, helping the body close the wound.

Indicated For:
Management of surgical wounds

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About ADVANTAGEN Surgical Collagen


  • 100% Type 1 Non-Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen


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