Get your staff involved with AMERX Web-Based Product Training!

If you are thinking about joining or are already a part of the AMERX Dispensing Network, getting your staff involved in your dispensing program is necessary to reach its full potential. Empowering your staff with education about the products you have chosen to carry in your office will lead to successful communication to your patients.

Unfortunately the time constraints of driving a successful practice do not always afford the opportunity to fully educate your staff.

Let AMERX help! Our team of educators is eager to assist you with this process to partner with the growth of your practice.

Your staff will learn:

  • Why AMERX products are the best choice for your patients.
  • Improved communication techniques when speaking to patients.
  • How best to field patient questions.
  • How to support the incorporation of AMERX products into your practice protocols.
  • Proper DME Billing and Reimbursement codes.
  • Practice support tools available from AMERX Health Care.
  • How AMERX products will help you Grow your Practice.

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