AMERX Calcium Alginate Dressing

Highly-absorbent AMERX Calcium Alginate Dressings quickly form a hydrophilic gel to create and maintain a moist wound environment for moderate to heavy draining chronic and acute wounds. The soft, conformable pad enhances patient comfort and is easy to pack, tuck, or apply over irregularly shaped wounds.  15 dressings are included in each box.

Indicated for:
Pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, donor sites, post-operative wounds, dermal lesions, cuts and abrasions.

HCPCS Coding: A6196 – A6197

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About AMERX Calcium Alginate Dressing

Conformable Pad Enhances Patient Comfort

  • Conveniently packaged in quantities appropriate for DME dispensing
  • Absorbs up to 20x its weight in wound fluids
  • Quickly forms a hydrophilic gel to protect and cover the wound bed
  • Easy to pack, tuck or apply over irregularly shaped wounds
  • Recommended for moderate to heavily draining wounds
  • Secondary dressing required


  • 100% Calcium Alginate

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