Answering the Call Part 2: The Receptionist’s Role in Insurance Verification and Payments

By Holly Burkman, MBA|2023-06-21T09:10:13-04:00February 21, 2023|Holly Burkman, Practice Management|

Your receptionist holds one of the many keys to your financial success.  Two of the biggest sources of lost Read More →

How To Respond To Medicare DME A6010 Audit Request

By Holly Burkman, MBA|2021-10-08T08:47:49-04:00August 2, 2021|HELIX3 Bioactive Collagen, Holly Burkman, Practice Management, Reimbursement and Coding|

So, you have received a Medicare DME A6010 Audit. First, don't worry. If they are requesting one chart at Read More →


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