Your ABN Forms are Expiring!

When providing Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to Medicare Part B beneficiaries, there are certain situations where an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) may be required.  An ABN should be issued to the patient before they receive DME that is usually covered by insurance but is not in this particular case.  Issuing the ABN prior to delivery […]

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How to Effectively Dispense Compression Therapy In-Office

Dispensing compression systems from my office is extremely rewarding.  Patients enjoy being handed the product they need, rather than having to hunt for it in their community.  Specifically, patients in need of compression therapy find that not all compression garments are right for them. Oftentimes, these patients enjoy the ease of application and adjustment that […]

Face-To-Face Exam

The Face-To-Face Examination Requirement

Among the requirements that must be satisfied when dispensing surgical dressings and compression garments is a face-to-face (FTF) examination.  This FTF exam must take place within six months of the time the order is written for the surgical dressing(s) or compression garment.  It is acceptable if the FTF exam takes place on the same day […]

EXTREMIT-EASE® Compression Garment

EXTREMIT-EASE® Unveiled at Midwest Podiatry Conference

Medical Professionals Applaud New Approach to Compression Clearwater, Fla. (May 19, 2017)—In April, attendees of the Midwest Podiatry Conference were treated to the official launch of AMERX Health Care’s newest product, the EXTREMIT-EASE® Compression Garment—an innovative, easy-to-use approach to compression providing 30-50 mmHg of therapeutic compression. The benefits of compression for healing venous leg ulcers […]