Units of Measure are based on the primary dressing chosen and the frequency of dressing changes.

When billing for AMERX Wound Care Kits, the kit itself does not have an assigned code and as such, each individual item within the kit must be billed using the proper code.  For Example, a 30-day Collagen Wound Care Kit, containing 30 units of primary dressing (Collagen), 30 units of Secondary Dressings (Bordered Gauze), and 30 units of Supportive Dressing (2×2 Gauze Pads) would be billed with the following units of measure, 30-A6010, 30–A6219 and 30-A6216.

This can be confusing with Hydrogel Dressings (HCPCS Code – A6248) because the Unit of measure for the primary dressing (hydrogel) is based on ounces, not individual pads.  As such, the unit of measure becomes the number of ounces prescribed for the treatment period.