EXTREMIT-EASE Measurement/Fitting Guide Pads


Take your patient’s measurements, look up the correct compression size, and indicate your patient’s EXTREMIT-EASE® prescription on this all-in-one Measurement/Fitting Guide. These forms are perfect for including in a patient’s file when you dispense in-office or sharing with the patient, so they can have the correct information for sourcing EXTREMIT-EASE from their preferred third-party provider.

Use this pad in conjunction with the EXTREMIT-EASE Measuring Tape to ensure you are prescribing the garment with the best compression size to addresses their edema and wound care needs. Each pad includes 50 sheets.

Add FREE EXTREMIT-EASE Measurement/Fitting Guides to your order for each of your exam rooms now, so they are always on hand!

Maximum 12 pads per order

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