Webinar: Top 5 Tips For Setting Up A Wound Care Center Of Excellence


Feb 10 2021

Webinar: Top 5 Tips For Setting Up A Wound Care Center Of Excellence

Establishing a successful Wound Center of Excellence takes more than just being good at wound care. It entails offering convenience, excellent care, and products that work. However, most importantly, it takes being comprehensive. In this session, learn from Dr. Jonathan Moore how to set up and maintain a successful Wound Care Center of Excellence that centers upon outcomes, compliance, and outstanding products.

At the end of Dr. Moore’s presentation, stay for a Question & Answer session where he will answer your questions about dispensing DME wound care.

What You Will Learn:

  • Which compliance tools are needed to be successful in offering your patients ancillary services and DME.
  • Which products work for different types of wounds, but moreover, products that generate revenue.
  • Tips to be successful in being comprehensive with your patients to improve outcomes and to maximize revenue.

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Dr. Jonathan Moore
Dr. Jonathan Moore
Dr. Jonathan Moore
Dr. Jonathan Moore is a managing partner at Cumberland Foot & Ankle in Somerset, Kentucky. He is a widely published authority on a variety of foot and ankle-related subjects and serves on multiple professional boards. Since 2005, Dr. Moore has been on the Board of Trustees American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management. He was named one of Podiatry Management’s most influential podiatric physicians in America and his work has also been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as numerous articles published in Podiatry Management and Podiatry Today magazines. With a passion for excellence, he lectures across the country on various practice management concepts and practices.


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