Webinar - Build Revenue & Provide Convenience - How To Dispense Wound Care Without Carrying Inventory


Apr 12 2023



Build Revenue & Provide Convenience: How to Dispense Wound Care without Carrying Inventory

Do you want to begin a DME Wound Care program but are concerned about the cost, space, and/or time requirements necessary to maintain inventory?  Delivering prescribed wound care dressings direct to the patient’s home may be your solution!  In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Moore will explain how you can provide a wound care dispensing program that benefits your patients WITHOUT carrying inventory in your office by utilizing AMERX Health Care’s Patient Direct program.

At the end of Dr. Moore’s presentation stay for a Question & Answer session where he will answer any questions that you might have.

What You Will Learn:

  • The benefits to your practice of dispensing wound care products to your patients.
  • How patients and the practice both benefit from having wound care dressings delivered directly to the patient’s home.
  • What compliance and support tools AMERX Health Care offers to streamline the practice’s documentation, verification, and billing processes.

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Dr. Jonathan Moore
Dr. Jonathan Moore
Dr. Jonathan Moore
Dr. Jonathan Moore is a managing partner at Cumberland Foot & Ankle in Somerset, Kentucky. He is a widely published authority on a variety of foot and ankle-related subjects and serves on multiple professional boards. Since 2005, Dr. Moore has been on the Board of Trustees American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management. He was named one of Podiatry Management’s most influential podiatric physicians in America and his work has also been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as numerous articles published in Podiatry Management and Podiatry Today magazines. With a passion for excellence, he lectures across the country on various practice management concepts and practices.


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