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DATE: February 2006
PATIENT: 63-year-old African American male

A type 2 diabetic who suffered from severe venous insufficiency in his left leg and poor wound healing that led to a BKA 3-years prior. Since then, he has struggled with a prosthesis and has had developed chronic leg ulcerations on his left side. The patient developed a large bullous on the left dorsal shin after traumatizing the area at night. The bullous developed into a full-thickness ulceration on the left leg and the patient subsequently was not able to wear his compression hose. The patient presented to the clinic with severe pitting edema, weeping, along with a large non-infected ulceration over the left shin. (Fig. 1A)

The goal of treatment was to provide compression to remove the edema, but we also wanted to provide a moist antimicrobial wound environment directly over the wound site to maximize wound healing. The AMERIGEL® Hydrogel Saturated Gauze Dressing was used directly over the wound site, followed by an Unna’s boot dressing until the area was healed.

The ulcer was healed in one week. (Fig. 2B)

Case Study Leg Wound Image Figure 1

Figure 1A

Case Study Leg Wound Image Figure

Figure 2B