Sting Free Wound Cleansing.

Amerigel® Wound Wash pressurized sting free wash is designed to help remove debris, dirt and foreign material. The sterile, pH neutral, drug free solution does not contain any harmful chemicals, preservatives or additives that can cause irritation or delay the healing process.

The Wound Wash’s 360° delivery system sprays at any angle, provides up to 14psi for safe mechanical removal of dirt and debris and does not require refrigeration.

Product Highlights

  • Cleanses Wounds Without Burning or Stinging.
  • Contents Remain Sterile Throughout Use.
  • Keep a Can at Home and With Your Camping and Sporting Gear.

About AMERIGEL® Wound Wash

Amerigel® Wound Wash provides gentle and effective wound cleansing for safe removal of dirt and debris without the use chemicals or additives that can cause stinging or burning.

When treating wounds, preservatives and/or additives can cause delays in the healing process. Preservative-Free, Drug-Free and Additive-Free Amerigel® Wound Wash provides sterile wound cleaning without the use of potentially harmful chemicals or additives.
Amerigel® Wound Wash is indicated to cleanse wounds, cuts, scrapes, abrasions and minor burns.

Available in a 7-oz. and convenient 4-oz. size