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Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Plantar Surface with MRSA:

70 year-old female, neuropathic, non-complaint, alcoholic patient with a rocker bottom foot presented with a full thickness plantar abscess, infected with MRSA. Patient was prescribed oral antibiotics, offloading and daily dressing changes with Amerigel Wound Dressing.

MRSA Time-Kill Study

MRSA infections are on the rise and are becoming increasingly more difficult to treat due to growing resistance to antibiotics. In August of 2005, a leading laboratory concluded that longer exposure times to Amerigel Wound Dressing significantly improved the bacterial reductions observed. Exposure to Amerigel® Wound Dressing for 24 hours resulted in …

Wound Care Advisor – March April Issue Debridement Options: Beams Made Easy.

Author Cindy Broadus, RN, describes why debridement is crucial to wound healing and follows with a discussion of different debridement methods. She goes on to recommend options such as Oakin® for use in Enzymatic Debridement.

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The Amerigel Story

Amerx Health Care Corporation was founded by John C. Anderson in 1993 to develop and market wound and skin care products for hospitals, wound care centers, nursing homes and physician’s offices. Through extensive research and development, Amerx formulated Oakin®, a proprietary ingredient based on the natural benefits of tannins found in oak trees. Oakin® became the core ingredient for the Amerigel® product line developed to combat bacteria and fungus in hard to heal wounds and skin conditions without the use of antibiotics.

Amerx has grown through the years as a family run company working together to establish a trusted brand that represents quality in the skin and wound care industry. We invite you to learn more about Amerx and how joining the Amerx Network of Dispensing Physicians can help improve patient outcomes while growing your practice.