HELIX3-CP Collagen Powder

Maintain an optimal wound environment to promote moist healing of draining wounds with HELIX3-CP® Collagen Powder. The 100% Type 1 bovine native collagen particles retain their native helical structure, increasing bioavailability to deliver the benefits of collagen to the wound immediately and enhancing the vital scaffolding process for granulation tissue formation. HELIX3-CP absorbs 40-60 times its weight in fluid and contributes up to 10 times more denatured collagen protein than competing products. HELIX3-CP contains no additives, synthetics, or fillers and is effective in all wound phases.  Each box of HELIX3-CP contains ten (10) 1 gram pouches.

Indicated For:
Management of burns, sores, blisters, ulcers, and other wounds

HCPCS Coding: A6010

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About HELIX3-CP Collagen Powder

Promote Moist Healing of Draining Wounds

  • Non-hydrolyzed native collagen particles
  • Particle size improves bioavailability and contact with wound surface
  • Each gram absorbs 40 – 60x its weight in wound fluid
  • Contributes up to 10 times more non-denatured collagen protein than competing products
  • No additives, syntheics, or fillers
  • Can be used in combination with topical agents
  • ℞ Only


  • 100% Type 1 Bovine Collagen

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1 review for HELIX3-CP Collagen Powder

  1. Jeffrie Leibovitz, Fort Harrison Podiatry

    One of the most successful wound care products I use in my practice is HELIX3 collagen powder. The compliance from ease of use, accelerated results, and patient satisfaction is off the chart. It is also one of the most cost effective advanced wound products on the market.

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