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As a large podiatric practice, we evaluate and manage many patients with ingrown toenails, non-healing wounds, and ulcerations. The wound care products utilized for at home care is pivotal to the healing of the patient. AMERIGEL constantly yields healing of infected wounds and ulcerations above and beyond any other product we have utilized in the past. AMERIGEL is our standard of care of the healing of wounds and ulcerations.

For my office, the following products work quite well: AMERIGEL Wound Dressing, Saturated Gauze Pads, Post Op Kits and the Care Lotion.

Mary Ellen McCoy, DPM Whiting, NJ

I am very pleased with AMERIGEL Wound Dressing for P&A’s and am recommending it to all my colleagues. I have not used it on ulcers or other wounds, but plan to.

Robert C. Tyrrell, DPM Cherry Hill, NJ

I’ve been using AMERIGEL and it has been a tremendous success! The patients replied that is was very soothing and worked well. I have changed from once/day to twice/day application for the first week and down to once a day afterwards.

Steven Hobkirk, DPM Hershey, PA

AMERIGEL has made post-op nail surgery better for patients and physicians with no need to soak. Also, it works similar for wound care, keeping the tissue moist to promote healing.

Robert D. Siwicki, DPM Ft. Walton Beach, FL