November 2021

10% OFF Wound Care Kits!

Receive 10% OFF all Case Orders of AMERX Wound Care Kits throughout November

  • AMERX Collagen Powder 30-Day Wound Care Kit with 2x2 Bordered Gauze
  • AMERX Calcium Alginate 30-Day Wound Care Kit
  • AMERX Collagen Matrix 30-Day Wound Care Kit
  • AMERX Foam Dressing 30-Day Wound Care Kit
  • AMERX Hydrogel 30-Day Wound Care Kit

Provide your patients with a truly turn-key solution for their wound care treatment.  AMERX® Wound Care Kits include everything your patients need to perform proper dressing changes at home including: primary dressing, secondary dressing, saline wound wash, and supportive dressing.  A variety of primary and secondary dressings are available to suit individual wound needs.  Improve compliance and boost patient satisfaction with AMERX Wound Care Kits

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