September 2020 Special

Heal It! with HELIX3 Bioactive Collagen.  HELIX3 contains 100% non-hydrolyzed, Type 1, native bovine collagen for effective wound management in all wound phases.  These biodegradable and biocompatible dressings can be used in combination with topical agents and are able to absorb up to 40-60x their weight in fluids without the need for additives, synthetics, or alginate fillers.

Not sure if HELIX3 is covered for your patients’ wound care needs?  Check out our blog post about Noridian’s clarification regarding collagen dressings coverage.

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Diabetic Care Kit Special

Purchase one case of AMERIGEL® Care Lotion and receive TWO additional tubes FREE plus the AMERX Professional Diabetic Care Kit!

When you take advantage of this month's special, you'll also receive a “Diabetic Care Kit” for your office, including:

  • one sleeve of AMERIGEL Care Lotion Brochures
  • a brochure stand
  • a Diabetic Skin Relief poster
  • a box of AMERIGEL Care Lotion Sample Tubes


*Podiatry Management Annual Surveys (2003-2019)

** Special extended through Sunday, May 31, for online orders only. **

Physicians trust AMERIGEL® Care Lotion to rehydrate and soothe their patients' dry, irritated skin. The fast-absorbing formula is non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. AMERIGEL Care Lotion's advanced formula is podiatrist-recommended for diabetic dry skin relief, safe for use between the toes without causing maceration, and is backed with the AMERX 100% Direct-to-Patient Money Back Guarantee.

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to enjoy these savings before they go away!

AMERX Direct-to-Patient Money Back Guarantee

Be confident in your decision to dispense AMERIGEL® Care Lotion to your patients.

If, for any reason, your patients are not completely satisfied with their AMERIGEL Care Lotion, have them contact AMERX Health Care directly at (800) 448-9599. Our Customer Care team will walk them through the process of returning their remaining product for a 100% refund of their Care Lotion purchase!

2 FREE Post-Op Kits +
2 FREE 7 oz. Cans of Wound Wash

with each case order of AMERIGEL® Post-Op Kits

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to enjoy these savings before they go away!

** Special extended through Midnight Tuesday, December 31 for online orders only. **


This offer cannot be combined with any other special offers, promotions, discounts, pricing, etc.  All orders placed taking advantage of AMERX Health Care's monthly special will be charged at the current Doctor Direct rate.